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App-V 4.5 CU1 .NET Support Clarification

Cumulative Update 1 for MS App-V 4.5 is out.  Instructions on how to obtain this is found here. Reading through the notes, the most interesting point(outside of Windows 7 support) contained in them is the detailed support for .NET with sequenced applications.

Recently this has been a minefield – and if you were wondering why this page should explain in sufficient detail.

It boils down to the following as far as I can see:
•    If you run Vista or Windows 7 – the local installation of .NET on the target machine must be greater or equal than the .NET version required by the virtual application.
•    If you run Windows XP – all versions of .NET up to and including .NET 3.5 RTM can be sequenced with the application. .NET 3.5 SP1 (and assuming beyond?) must be locally installed on the target machines.
•    Nothing mentioned as far as I can see regarding Windows Server 2003/2008 TS.
•    Legacy sequences with .NET included need to follow these guidelines, so some resequencing required.

Clear? As mud.

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